How does it work ?

Depending on your needs, you can choose to access our services using our web interface (self), our API or directly via one of our consultants.

Our obsession: your data security

Your data is sent to our contributors in the form of samples. This means that each person who analyses your data only has access to a minute part of it, thus eliminating the risk of data leaks.

Secure servers certified by Microsoft Azure
Your data is in good hands. We make our server security an absolute priority and our URLs are encrypted to prevent any attacks.

Non-disclosure agreement
Each one of our contributors signs an NDA.



The crowd is – very – reactive. 10 hours of work are delivered in a few minutes.

On demand

Whatever the size of your project, the crowd adapts.


At the end of the project, you only pay the tasks you have validated.

Cost control

You have real time control over your costs.

Your productivity starts here.